Ever wanted to have your very own oscilloscope for your hobby or schools projects,
but didn't have the money and/or space for one?

Ever wanted to provide each student in your class an oscilloscope of his/her own?

Ever wanted to build your own test instruments?

Then look no further!

Many people who do electronics as a hobby or in education (where funds are notoriously tight) don't need
a super-high-end instrument but rather want something that is very affordable yet highly usable in practice.

The oscilloscopes on offer here are just that - simple to use, yet have a full feature set like you find on
professional instruments. They are all PC based so you get to use the processing power and the large
display of modern computers. They are a great introduction into this area, and are designed to be of real
use in practical applications - after all, scopes are a big part of my day time job as well, so I think I have a
pretty good grasp of what is important and what is not.

Scopes and other test equipment is my passion, and I am always glad to hear about new uses for the
instruments I design. Also if you have any questions related about oscilloscopes feel free to
contact me.

I make a point of putting the full circuit schematics along with description online (along with description of
the circuits work), similar to how Tektronix did it in the "old days" (though I would never dare to compare my
little creations with Tek's works of engineering brilliance!). That way every user can really understand how
the hardware works and get a better idea what the instruments do "under the hood".

If that got you all excited, check out the
"Buy It" section where you can order the scope fully assembled and
tested, or as a complete kit for less than you could procure the parts yourself.

For questions, suggestions, feedback etc. please do not hesitate to
contact me.
What is this site about?
Disclaimer: The author of these pages does not assume any responsibility whatsoever regarding the design,
construction or use of the described circuits and instruments. The author cannot be held responsible for any
damage to persons or property connected with the described design. This includes (but is not limited to)
damage to you or your computer, fitness for a specific task, and specified performance.
If you decide to build
the oscilloscopes or use them, you do so at your own risk. Observe safety guidelines when soldering and when
working with electricity. Never apply any voltage exceeding 20V to the oscilloscope inputs.

Copyright Notice: Circuit schematics, layout files, PC software etc. on this site are intended for use with our line of
DPScopes only. The only exception to this is their use (or use of portions of them) for private, non-commercial
Any commercial use is strictly prohibited without explicit, prior, written consent by us. That means
that you can't for example sell or even freely distribute your own version of oscilloscope which runs with our
PC software, or sell any instrument, circuit or kit whose design is substantially based on the DPScope
schematic and/or layout without prior permission from our side.
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